Stage, Afstuderen of Projecten?

Research is done on all aspects of the application of power electronics in DC grids. We build power converters, define control methods and test various applications.

  1. Stage-MBO Motor Controller - Stage Gelijkspannings Lab
  2. Afstuderen: A detection algorithm for arc faults in solar applications (DC-Grids)
  3. PROK DC Project - Living DC-LAB Implementing Smart DC Grid Techniques In a Student Environment
  4. PROK DC Project - PC Oscilloscope A low cost USB oscilloscope for use in practical assignments
  5. PROK DC Project - SELV EV Motor Driver A Safe Voltage Level For EV Motor Controllers

Daarnaast zoeken we slimme studenten die ons kunnen helpen om onze designs IoT te maken. Heb je affiniteit met internet en programmeren?
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If you are studying in Holland and want to join our team, let us know at: info at dc-lab dot org

THUAS, Rotterdamseweg 137, 2628 AL, Delft