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Office desk with integrated DC 48volt grid manager with droop control for power congestion management. The droop controllers inside the grid manager regulate the power flow between the solar panel, battery storage and auxiliary devices, Wireless phone charger and USB hubs are included as well as lighting and power supply for laptops via USB-C. Multiple desks can be coupled to form a star, ring or meshed DC grid.

Food Truck with 48volt DC grid, Solar panels, Storage, DC to AC conversion and Induction Cooking. Integrating commercially available appliances and protection devices to create a DC grid. The internal battery storage provides enough power for operating the mobile food truck for 2 hours using intensive induction cooking.

Kitchen appliances connected in a 350volt DC Grid, DC readiness of kitchen appliances such as induction cooking. Power congestion management is required here to manage the power flow between the various appliances in an electrified kitchen. Droop control regulates the power usage of each appliance.

Electric Power Transport via overhead lines in public transport. Transmission of electric power from solar farms on the outside of the city into the city centre via the DC railway overhead lines instead of via the public AC grid. Power flow control between single segments in the traction grid, including protection against short circuit.

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