Online Praktikum

Download online praktikum


  1. Step Download

    Click the download link and select to open with Windows

  2. Step Open zip file

    Inside the zip is a folder with program and samples

  3. Step Copy to Harddisk

    Copy the entire folder to your harddisk

  4. Step Run Welcome

    Run the Welcome2017.exe program.

  5. Step Click Yes

    Click [Yes] to allow the program to run, very probably also your virus scanner will scan the executable so it might take some time before the welcome screen pops up!

  6. Step Welcome screen

    From this screen we can start the samples

  7. Step Start sample

    Open the folder section FREQGA and you will see a list of samples for the practical assignments. Select the sample StartingCharacteristic.csi and select the large button [Go]

  8. Step Result

    The simulation is now starting, but very probably again you have to wait for the virus scanner to check the executable.
    Sometimes this might take over a minute, so please be patience if nothing happens at first sight. If all goes well the simulation will start and you are able to change parameters, open scopes, enable animation, etc. Be advised to enable the animation and to set the print interval 10 for a time step of dt=10us.

  9. Animation & Simulation Parameters

    Enable the Animation by clicking the [Animation] button shows you induction machine rotor and fan rotating. The simulation parameters for a good simulation of the power factor are dt=10us. In order to speed up the simulation, select a print interval of [Show Each=10]

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